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Working the Links; APMs CEO on golf

Jul 1 2004

by Mark Higgins

TIM BANKS, President APM Group, Charlottetown, PEI
Top 50 CEO (2003 & 2002): An active golfer for the past 10 years who plays around 90 rounds a year.

Type of clubs? I use a Titliest driver, Calloway irons and a Calloway ''White Hot'' Putter.

Shoot right or left? Right.

Strongest part of your game? My attitude. I would say that my desire to be competitive helps me overcompensate for my lack of athletic prowess. But if you are talking from a strictly technical point of view, my putting.

What is the weakest? My irons. I don't have a natural swing.
Best score? My best game was two years ago, when I shot a 70 at Stanhope (PEI).

Favorite Atlantic Canadian course? Crowbush (PEI).
Do you ever go winter golf trips down South? Often. I generally attend four functions a year in Ontario, an event in Quebec, a half dozen in Nova Scotia. I make a couple of trips down south a year, one business related, one just pleasure. I just got back today from Florida with a group - we played two rounds a day over eight straight days. It's the only reason I would go down south - not to sit on a beach, we have great beaches on PEI.

How often do you play golf with business associates? My partners usually have some business connection, although that isn't the reason we play. For example, there's a group of people I did business with where we began playing several years ago. We still play, but as friends. It's very rare that I talk business on the course. It's really a way to get to know people, to learn their character. The way they approach their game will usually tell you how they approach business.

Favorite golf tip? Don't get too focused on the game: enjoy that time with friends and nature. The game is a great stress reliever. I shoot the first tee time at Crowbush every Saturday of the year, and it's something I look forward to the rest of the time.

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