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Work progressing at former college site

Jun 4 2010

The Journal Pioneer

Plans are moving ahead with a major development in the city’s north end.
Tim Banks, president of the APM Group, said there are four projects planned for the 18-acre Granville Street site which includes the former Holland College Summerside Centre. He said about 11 acres will be developed commercially and the remainder will stay residential.

One of the projects is already under construction. Community Connections is building a six-unit independent living apartment complex. Plans call for a 7,400-square-foot building to be built behind the former Centennial Pool property.

APM is the project manager and has provided its expertise in construction and design. “We’re managing the project,” Banks said. “We sold them the land. We’re doing the design and we’re working with them as a community organization to get that done. We’re also working with another party for a similar opportunity on the same section there in that residential component.”
Banks said another project that is close at hand is new fast food outlet for the area.

“We’re a couple of days away from all conditions being waived for a new A&W on the corner,” he said. “That’s a brand new full-service A&W complete with a drive-thru.”

The A&W will be located in the area of Granville Street at Ryan Street.
The final project will deal with the former Holland College Summerside Centre building for retail development.

“We’re getting a little closer with the business plan for the existing former school building,” the developer said. “That will probably be more public in about 90 days.” There was a lull in the development, but the project is now moving ahead.

“We’re back on track, now” Banks said. “It’s a very tough retail environment. We bought the site for retail opportunity and it just went sideways.”
Banks didn’t release details about the future development of the Holland College building site other than to say it is “a retail opportunity and it’s their’s (store owners) to do that announcement. So, we’re getting very close with something happening there.”

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