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Residents fight retail rezoning

Jan 6 2006

Some Stratford residents are arguing there is no need to rezone land next to their neighbourhood for a new APM retail development.

The residents say there is plenty of commercial space available without resorting to rezoning. About 25 people turned out at a public meeting last night to let Stratford's planning board know they didn't approve.

APM wants to build a 50,000 square foot retail development, but before construction can begin on what's believed to be a new Atlantic Superstore the land needs to be re-zoned to commercial.

But people with houses on neighbouring land say it's too close to them.

"The biggest concern is the peace and enjoyment that we get to enjoy with our properties," says spokesperson Carol Corbett.

"Our property values diminishing, the noise, the light pollution, everything that comes with it. And the fact that if this goes commercial, there is so much other land around us that can go commercial also. The precedent would have been set."

Corbett says there's plenty of land in Stratford already zoned commercial and APM should build there.

APM says it understands residents' concerns, but says this location is the best location.

"The necessity for having access to the highway, visibility, and no, there isn't another site that would satisfy that here in the community of Stratford," says Brian Gillis of APM.

Stratford Town Council still has to decide whether to approve the rezoning.

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