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RCMP Recruiting Division moves to APM MacLean

Jun 1 2009

The Prince Edward Island “L” Division Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have relocated a number of its administrative staff to APM MacLean. Formerly housed at the RCMP Prince Edward Island headquarters on University Avenue, the Prince Edward Island “L” Division Recruiting Services has relocated to the newly developed office, at 3 Lower Malpeque Road in Charlottetown. The new professionally designed and secure office space is located on the fourth floor of the APM MacLean allowing easy access for anyone looking for information about a career in the RCMP.

APM MacLean is Charlottetown’s newest office development, incorporating both technology and green infrastructure creating a vibrant and professional environment for tenants. With the addition of the RCMP the building has quickly reached full occupancy since it’s doors opened in the fall of 2008. The development is also occupied by the Department of Veterans Affairs and , housed on the first three floors and Pan-American Properties sharing the fourth floor with the RCMP.

APM MacLean has incorporated green technologies in its design by utilizing an enhanced thermal envelope, high grade insulation and minimal environmental exposure of the main floor, state of the art heating and air conditioning systems, an advanced building energy management system, solar hot water heat, electric heat source, low flow plumbing fixtures, and low E thermal glazing throughout. Each tenant has secure swipe-card access to their respective offices and the building utilizes a state-of-the-art, multi-stage, air conditioning system that is remotely managed by desktop controls.

The building is part of the APM development situated in Charlottetown’s regional services area that also includes Landmark Plaza. In close proximity to the Royalty Power Centre, Charlottetown Mall and West Royalty Industrial Park as well as the growing communities of West Royalty and Cornwall, the development provides ease of access to tenants, clients and customers with significant parking and views of Ellen’s Creek to the properties rear. APM MacLean and Landmark Plaza are in close proximity to the intersection of Lower Malpeque Road and Capital Drive, the former Trans-Canada Highway.

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