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PEI Government repeals Major Development Act

Jul 31 1998

Today’s action by the Binn’s Government in repealing the major development component in the Planning Act is a major step forward in strengthening our retail environment on Prince Edward Island. "By scrapping this outdated legislation, it will allow developers and retailers to be aggressive and creative in pursuing new retail formats for our Province," said Mr. Banks. "Mr. Binn’s and his colleagues have shown leadership in their actions and their willingness to listen and act on the views of many Islanders who know it was not right to try and stop progress." Mr. Banks said "The timing couldn’t be better for The City of Charlottetown as it will be a big winner thanks to Mayor George MacDonald pushing the Government into making these changes that will insure that projects like the recently announced "Walmart Store" will actually happen. "The Downtown Merchants using this old legislation were responsible for preventing an Islander from developing a major retail centre with a Sears on the then outskirts of the City and not unlike 30 years ago when another downtown group protested the construction of the K-Mart Plaza."

"We think it is high time we put an end to going backwards and if there are still factions in the downtown trying to stop progress, maybe they could put their energies towards encouraging the City to improve access to the downtown, remove the parking meters, create a "fashion block", etc., and to continue our Island tradition of warm, friendly service, second to none! This decision coupled with the City’s willingness to be creative in its by-laws, to promote development and signage for retailers, can create a vibrant downtown."

The Province’s leadership today provides a first step towards facilitating further investments in Charlottetown. Tim Banks stated "The door has now been opened for APM to make further investments on PEI and in the Capital City, provided the City takes up the challenge of improving the infrastructure and dealing with development in a positive manner."

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