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Pathways Youth Program acknowledges APM support

Aug 12 2013

CHARLOTTETOWN - The Pathways Youth Program is acknowledging APM as one of their most significant supporters. Running out of Birchwood Intermediate School throughout the summer, the program provides a safe place for at-risk youth to congregate, play sports, eat healthy meals, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults, alike.

This summer, the program is offering teenagers opportunities for many indoor and outdoor activities, such as sports, guitar lessons, horse riding, swimming, and visits to many of PEI’s popular summer attractions; the program also stresses the importance of personal growth and healthy living through individual or family counselling, information sessions on relevant adolescent issues, and referrals to appropriate agencies.

APM Corporate Controller Paul Daley recently visited the camp and talked to some of the participants.

“It’s great to see the positive results Pathways is having on youth who may have otherwise not have any other similar opportunities. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and supportive; it’s a much-needed program not only for the participants but also for our entire community, I was really pleased to meet and speak with some of the participants.”

While the Pathways Youth Program always attracts a diverse group of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16, the free camp attempts to reach out to adolescents with low socio-economic backgrounds, physical and mental disorders, and unstable home environments.
In recent years, immigrants and refugees from various parts of the world have found a safe, friendly environment at the camp.

Program Coordinator Murray Macinnis says APM’s support has helped the group provide a much needed service to Charlottetown’s adolescent population.

“For a lot of our participants, the camp is a healthy alternative to the lure of the city streets. APM has been a key financial supporter of the program for many consecutive years. Without the interest and commitment from businesses and organizations, such as APM, Pathways Youth Program would not be able to provide our valuable services. ”


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