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New residential development for Summerside

Nov 22 2003

Work will start Monday on a new 37-unit residential development on Granville Street, on land next to the new Prince County Hospital. APM, P.E.I.'s largest commercial development firm, will act as project manager for the development, which is expected to be completed sometime in the summer.

It's cost is pegged at approximately $2.8 million.

Donna MacKay, manager with Enterprise Venture Group, which is constructing the building, says there have already been three inquiries from potential tenants prior to the project's announcement Friday.

She said the units are targeted at "high-end" renters, including professionals and seniors.

Enterprise Venture Group's President, Eric Johnston, says the booming Summerside economy makes the project a good fit for the city.

"The Summerside economy is really booming and residents are excited about the new developments. Our project fits very well with all of this activity and offers residents first class housing in a very desirable part of the city."

Some of the project's features include designer decor, brand name appliances, balconies, elevators, and reserved and visitor parking.

MacKay said there has been a mounting demand among the seniors' population for this type of housing, which offers a range of apartment styles, featuring top-notch materials and innovative designs.

MacKay said the location couldn't be better, since the project will be sited within walking distance of the new hospital, a medical clinic, grocery stores and malls.

Many seniors, who wish to leave their homes, want to move into apartments that offer the latest amenities including several appliances, such as washers and driers. Seniors who can't drive, want to make sure they have access to medical institutions and shopping, without having to arrange alternate transportation, said MacKay.

In a news release Johnston stated APM has been an invaluable partner on several projects.

"Their design abilities and building methods will make our project one of the best quality residential developments in the province. This will be a high-end development that many Summerside residents have been seeking.

Johnston stressed Enterprise Venture Group's strong Summerside roots.

"We are a Summerside firm and we believe this project will do our city proud. Our company does everything first class and these apartments are no different...We are thrilled to be investing in our community, providing choice to residents and helping to create more jobs in the area.

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