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Ian Harper and Dennis Wadden celebrated for 20 years with APM

Jun 6 2014


It’s my great pleasure to honour Dennis Wadden and Ian Harper as they have reached quite a milestone with our company… both of these gentlemen have now been working with APM for 20 years! This occasion is a significant one and I sincerely want to thank each of them for their tremendous dedication, commitment and quality of work they have brought to the table each and every day for the past two decades.

To Ian and Dennis: you are both leaders and highly respected by the entire APM team. Without a doubt, our company’s successes can be attributed to the leadership, management skills, and critical thinking skills of employees like yourselves! Over the past 20 years, we have dealt with an immeasurable number of projects and issues and I’ve always had confidence in your abilities to work through these even in the toughest situations.

So please, take a moment the next time you see these two to congratulate them on their dedication to the company for the past 20 years! Also to note, we are planning a staff event in July to further show our appreciation.


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