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Greenwich Park Announcement

Oct 15 1999

St. Peters, PEI - The development of an Interpretive and Multipurpose Centre for Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park was announced today. This state-of-the-art $3.5 million Centre will be the anchor facility and operations centre in the Prince Edward Island National Park at Greenwich.

Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park has the potential to be a world class tourism destination and will add to the many significant developments which have occurred in Eastern Prince Edward Island over the last number of years," said the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Solicitor General of Canada. This park is unique in that it will allow visitors the opportunity to experience the site while at the same time ensuring its long-term protection. In addition to protecting these park lands. This development will also provide opportunities and economic benefits to the people of Eastern Prince Edward Island.

The centrepiece of the Interpretive and Multipurpose Centre will be an exhibit interpreting the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Greenwich peninsula, which is unique in North America. The exhibit will allow visitors to learn about and appreciate the fragility of the unique landscape of Greenwich in an interactive learning environment.

Development activities at Greenwich have been ongoing since February 1998. The initial step was the signing of a land transfer agreement by the Government of Prince Edward Island and the Government of Canada transferring the Greenwich lands to Parks Canada. Following the transfer, a $1.5 million investment was made by the Government of Canada to allow for the installation of park infrastructure such as boardwalks, trails, viewing structures, beach day use facilities and road access. This infrastructure will soon be completed.

The next phase of the development will be the construction of the Interpretive and Multipurpose Centre. In response to a national Expression of Interest, a request for proposals to develop the Interpretive and Multipurpose facility was issued. After a thorough evaluation of the proposals received, APM Group has been offered the opportunity to design and construct the Interpretive Centre.

"We are excited about being offered the opportunity to be part of this development in Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park," said Mr. Tim Banks, President of APM Group. "APM Group is in an excellent position to put in place this world-class development - a development that is sensitive to the environment while reflecting the significance of this national treasure”.

The Government of Prince Edward Island has also been involved in the development and protection of the Greenwich Peninsula as part of the Prince Edward Island National Park. In addition to the initial transfer of land to Parks Canada, the provincial government recently acquired and is transferring another 123 acres of land. Twenty-five acres of this land is the future site of the Greenwich Interpretive and Multipurpose Centre as well as a $3.5 million Eco-Lodge.

The transfer of this property will allow Parks Canada to reinforce the protection of the western tip of the peninsula - the most sensitive area - by developing further to the East.

"I am very encouraged to see development activities in Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park moving ahead," said the Honourable Kevin MacAdam, Minister of Fisheries and Tourism. "Greenwich is and will continue to be a major anchor to the tourism product envisioned for Eastern Prince Edward Island."

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JoAnne Holden-Arbing
Manager, External Relations
Parks Canada - PEI
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Susan Wicker
A/Director of Communications
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