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Construction moves forward on Souris K-12 school

Jun 7 2013

Facility will have more than 120,000 square feet, more than half of it new construction

Construction moves forward on Souris K-12 school The Guardian 07 June 2013: A6. Print.

SOURIS - Construction has begun on the $20 million Souris K-12 school.

This is an exciting milestone for students, teachers, staff and parents of Souris Consolidated and Souris Regional High School," said Education and Early Childhood Development minister Alan McIsaac.

"We are pleased to be one step closer to providing a beautiful, spacious and high-quality learning environment that will meet the community's needs for years to come."

The K-12 school will include more than 120,000 square feet.

More than half of the space will be new construction and the remaining space will be complete upgraded.

Among its many features, the school will have a new K-6 academic wing, a culinary teaching area, enhanced IT and trades spaces, two gymnasiums and three playgrounds.

Over the past year, the planning committee developed the preliminary design and space requirements.

Their work focused on ensuring students will have access to all the programs and services necessary for an exceptional educational experience, McIsaac said.

The committee included two principals and teachers from both Souris schools, three representatives from the Eastern School District as well as parent representatives and departmental staff.

The planning and design for the school was done by W.D. Lawrence Architecture.

is the construction manager for the project.

Construction will be done over five phases:

Phase 1 (May 2013-July 2014): K-6 Wing, cafetorium, culinary space, admin/music wing, library, new siding and windows.

Phase 2 (May to December 2014): Motor vehicle repair addition, 7-12 gym addition, renovation of the existing two-storey structure between the gym and the cafetorium.

Phase 3 (May to September 2014): Renovation of existing gym plus instructor's office.

Phase 4 (June to August 2014): Renovation of the three floors of the existing school.

Phase 5 (January to March 2015): Renovation of shop areas, change room areas for K-6 gym, teachers' Lounge (third floor area above shops).

The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014, with final site work to be completed over the spring and summer of 2015.

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