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Charlotte Court Seniors Facility opens

Jul 25 2011


CHARLOTTETOWN - Charlotte Court Seniors Housing has been a flurry of activity over the past week while seniors move into the new facilities built in partnership with APM, Killam Properties, and the government of Prince Edward Island.

Tenants Relations Officer Wade Mahar's mandate is acting as the liaison between the builders and the seniors. Mahar describes the experience as 'painless'.

“The facility is such an update that everybody across PEI who is a senior will want in. Our tenants went from living in a very poor facility to a beautiful complex. The seniors do like it and are very happy to get more space and room for their grandchildren to visit.”

Some seniors echo Mahar's sentiments.

Mary Doiron and her husband Joe, see moving into the finished Charlotte Court as welcome ending to temporary housing. Mary's severe arthritis makes it hard for her to live in an apartment with turn-knob doors or high cabinets. Her new apartment is barrier-free, making it easier for her to live her day-to-day life.

“The move went fairly well for us,” said Mary. “My husband and I… we had no problems with anybody. It's been all laid out and told a thousand times. There were no problems with the move.”

Some of Mary's grandchildren came over from New Brunswick to help her relocate. Now that she and Joe are in a larger apartment, they can come over more often.

“They came over to visit me from New Brunswick… you'd never be able to have them (at the old Charlotte Court residence). It was a closet, very small living room. And there‟s a tree growing on top of it.”

Down the hall from the Doirons, Roma and Hudson Jenkins are putting the finishing touches on their own apartment. They are settling in well.

“I like the apartments, yeah. This is nice, I like it.”

“Oh yeah, quite content in here… it‟s beautiful. I love the wood floors.”

Mahar describes APM as a great building partner for the project.
“Duane Lamont and Bob Peake (of APM) never went without returning my e-mails or phone calls,” says Mahar, “When I had questions for APM, they had answers. Being a liaison between government, APM and Killam was a great experience. Hats off to MacLean's Construction and all the sub-contractors for a job well done.”

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