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APM group plans Eco-Lodge at Greenwich

Feb 26 2001

Charlottetown -- APM is getting set to continue its plans for further development in the St. Peters Bay area. The company has already completed construction of the Greenwich Interpretive Centre, adjacent to the Greenwich Prince Edward Island National Park, for use by Parks Canada.

Today, they have announced that they will hold a public meeting to discuss their plans.

"APM is committed to continuing development that is complementary to the new National Park," said Tim Banks, President of APM. "Our concept is a private initiative that is not in the National Park and is not on public land. Nevertheless, as we promised, we will seek input from residents of St. Peters Bay and Area as we begin planning for this project. This will be an example of consultative development."

Greenwich Prince Edward Island National Park was created in 1999 at the Greenwich Peninsula on PEI's north shore through the efforts of local MP the Hon. Lawrence MacAulay. The Park allows for protection of the unique eco-system of the Peninsula and is also expected to provide economic opportunities in the local area.

"Lawrence MacAulay has a vision that protects the natural features of Greenwich and brings growth and jobs to St. Peters Bay and the surrounding communities," said Mr. Banks. "His hard work for the community has laid a foundation for economic development and we are simply trying to build on his vision."

APM's concept calls for a twenty-three unit eco-lodge and twelve unit chalet development similar in scale and character to the Dalvay Hotel. Features of the facility will include a great hall, library, fitness area, in-guest dining facility, meeting rooms and outdoor recreation amenities.

"We have an arrangement with a credible operator to develop a classic seaside retreat," said Mr. Banks. "Our market will be international and we will offer our guests a full season value-added vacation experience focussing on the healthy and natural experience of the local environment."

Banks wants to consult with the people of St. Peters and get their support to move forward with sensitive planning that will allow them to open this facility in the Spring of 2002.

The public meeting will take place at the Greenwich Interpretive Centre at 7 p.m., Thursday, March 1, 2001.


For more information, contact:

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APM group
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