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APM engineer volunteers to help build hospital in Bangladesh

Oct 22 2012

CHARLOTTETOWN - At the end of month, Jonathan Barrett E.I.T., an engineer with APM since 2009 will travel to the developing nation of Bangladesh to act as project manager for the construction of the new Memorial Christian Hospital in the southeast corner of the country. Jon will be traveling with his wife, Holly, who is also an engineer.

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most populated and poorest countries. The existing hospital is the major surgical resource for 10 million people, although due to its age, layout and capacity, it is unable to provide all the required services. Jon and Holly will work as project managers of the construction of a new facility that will better service the area. Their duties will include finalizing the design, ensuring quality and safety control on site and handling the construction budget and schedule. The modern hospital will be three times larger than the existing facility and have the capabilities to provide all the necessary services.

The Barretts are expected to spend two years in Bangladesh. Though they have traveled for similar projects in the past, this will be the longest and most complex project they have volunteered for.

Jon explains that his engineering experience with APM will benefit his team of local architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical staff throughout the project.

“I have the education and experience to help build this hospital so that the people of Bangladesh can get the medical services they require. The goal is for the hospital to be more efficient and I want to pass on some of my expertise to the community and leave a legacy for the future.”


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