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APM engineer lends his expertise to Bangladeshi Hospital

Jul 5 2012

CHARLOTTETOWN – Last month, Jonathan Barrett E.I.T, a junior engineer with APM since 2009, traveled to the developing nation of Bangladesh to lend his skills in the creation of a new hospital.

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most populated countries and is also considered one of the world’s poorest and most inefficiently governed nations. These circumstances reflect the health statuses of its people; close to 50 percent of its children are malnourished and statistically speaking, there is less than one hospital bed available for every 2000 people.

On June 16, 2012, Jonathan started his two week assignment as a consultant for the construction of a hospital in the small town of Malumghat, in the southeast corner of the country.

“The need for health care facilities there was enormous. We were working on replacing an old hospital with a new three level 120,000 square feet facility—three times the size of the hospital the community currently has.”

Jonathan used his engineering experience with APM to aid local architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical staff in the final drawing stage of the hospital project. He helped coordinate and review drawings to ensure there were no major errors or omissions.

“At APM we have the support and know-how to produce large, safe, and high-quality projects but it is not as easy in a country like Bangladesh.”

Jonathan noted that the experience is one that he will never forget.

“Even though most of them have so little, I found that the people were some of the most kind and generous that I have ever encountered. I’m just glad I could give them the help they needed.”


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