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The focus of APM is development, in every sense of the word.

Our motto is: People with Vision ... developing Atlantic Canada.

In other words, our focus is development, but our development is guided by a
vision. Our company vision is one of the most important aspects of our company; it guides us and provides a sense values in our dealings and relationships with employees, clients and customers, other businesses and our community.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of community. We believe that by encouraging
young people to pursue their dreams to their full potential we can build a better society and a better future.

We encourage the development of
entrepreneurialism so that businesses will continue to grow and business knowledge can be maintained.

We believe that a strong business environment brings prosperity to our community. In Atlantic Canada, we welcome more investment, choice and jobs that make our regional economy grow and strengthen our communities.
Greater prosperity in our communities enables stewardship of
heritage and our environment.

In a healthy and competitive business environment, our company can pursue innovative practices that maximize safety and workplace satisfaction for our employees, makes our businesses systems more efficient and provides the ultimate in service, quality and value for our clients and customers.

Our primary goal is to exceed our clients' expectations in the products and services we offer. By making our clients happy, our business can continue to develop and our vision will continue to expand.


APM is committed to the spirit of community in Prince Edward Island and Atlantic Canada and to the pursuit of excellence and achievement by young people. Through sponsorships, donations, employee activities and other programs, our company supports and promotes a number of initiatives, events and charities. Giving a boost to young people, whether through financial support or through encouraging personal growth, is an idea very close to the heart of our company's ideals and beliefs. We are proud to be involved in our community. Some of our major community initiatives are mentioned below:

Confederation Centre of the Arts  Since 1998, APM has been the Major Sponsor of the Charlottetown Festival, Canada's premier showcase of original Canadian theatre and home of Canada's most beloved musical Anne of Green Gables - The Musical. The Confederation Centre of the Arts, located in downtown Charlottetown, is a memorial to the founding of our nation and is mandated to promote and preserve Canadian culture and arts. APM has been a supporter of the Confederation Centre and its theatre, arts and youth programs since 1998.

School of Business  The campaign to generate $6 million in private financial support for the  new School of Business Building which will focus on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship is being led by Tim Banks, President of the APM Group, and Dr. Roberta MacDonald , Dean of the Business School  . Banks has announced his own $100,000 pledge to the campaign and Chancellor Bill Andrew has made a private donation of $100,000. The provincial government has committed $4 million as part of a $25 million commitment for capital renewal at UPEI over 10 years. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is contributing $1.69 million to the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

University of Prince Edward Island A great example of the pursuit of excellence and personal development is the student-athlete. For that reason, APM is proud to have been the major sponsor of the UPEI Men's Basketball Team since 1999. To show this support through the Island's local university is even more gratifying. The Panthers were Atlantic Conference Men's and Ladies Champions in 2003 and are consistently among the top-ranked squads in the country. 

Junior Achievement The Junior Achievers program in PEI involves hundreds of volunteers and students developing ideas and business skills. APM is one of the major sponsors of this organization and APM President, Tim Banks, sits on the Board of Governors.

APM Centre Located in Cornwall, PEI the APM Centre is a new athletic arena and community centre for 13 communities in Queens County, Prince Edward Island. By becoming the name sponsor of the building, APM is showing its support for the citizens of these 13 towns and villages to create a facility promoting recreation and well-being in their community.

YIP/YAP The Youth Investment Program/Youth Apprentice Program is the recent brainchild of APM President Tim Banks. The goals of the program are to foster entrepreneurialism in young people, provide learning opportunities and mentorship to young business people and to encourage young people to achieve their dreams in the business world.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a national charitable organization devoted to preserving natural areas throughout Canada. It has purchased large tracts of wilderness and ecologically significant natural features in all parts of Canada to be preserved for the benefit of future generations. APM President Tim Banks serves on the board of directors of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Cody Banks Memorial Bursaries Each year APM presents the Cody Banks Memorial Bursaries to employees or children of employees pursuing post-secondary education. The bursaries are named for master mason and community leader Cody Banks, who believed that education was essential for young people to achieve their fullest potential. Through these bursaries, our company is able to honour Cody's ideals and commitment to his fellow citizens.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters PEI The local branch of this national organization has a major fundraiser each year involving a raffle for a summer cottage. Through its manufactured home division, Landmark Homes, APM has constructed cottages as the major prize for the draw since 2003.

IWK Children's Miracle Network Over the years, a number of APM employees have had to use the services of the Maritimes regional children's hospital, the IWK in Halifax. This prompted a group of employees to undertake a number of initiatives in support of this important regional asset. Thousands of dollars are raised each year by APM staff through barbeques, flea markets and casual day programs. The amount that is raised by the staff is matched by the company with the joint donation presented each year at the IWK Telethon.

Stratford Soccer Complex The Town of Stratford is the fastest growing community on Prince Edward Island and soccer is the fastest growing sport in Canada. With that in mind, our building supply store, Southport Home Hardware, located in the heart of Stratford, was excited to get involved in the creation of a soccer complex for the town. Using its expertise, access to materials and the sweat equity of the Southport Home Hardware staff, a building bee organized by our company led to a brand new clubhouse for the soccer complex, making it one of the premier soccer facilities in Prince Edward Island.

Thyramas Corporation Thyramas Corporation is a small local charity that funds a summer camp for troubled youths. Our company is a strong supporter of this challenging work.

SpellRead P.A.T. A local business started by two Island women, SpellRead P.A.T. created an innovative method to teach and improve reading skills, particularly for persons with low literacy. Recognizing the importance of literacy in increasing career opportunities for both adults and children, APM has been providing scholarships for the SpellRead program since 1997.

Lorie Kane/Ronald McDonald Children's Charities Golf Classic Lorie Kane, one of the World's top lady golfers hails from Charlottetown. Each year, in support of the Ronald McDonald Children's Charities organization, she hosts a golf tournament in her hometown. Over the years, this event has raised thousands of dollars and APM is proud to be a founding and continuing sponsor.

The Joyriders Special needs children can experience outdoor adventure on horseback through the Joyriders of PEI. Our company recognizes that all members of society deserve opportunities for recreation, social interaction and for personal growth and achievement in spite of limitations. By supporting the Joyriders, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to all members of our community.

Kids Count - The Learning Fund: As governments have reduced spending, responsibility to fund community initiatives has fallen to the private sector. The Learning Fund is an initiative of the Eastern School District of Prince Edward Island that seeks to raise money for programs supplementing the educational experience of local students. APM made a long-term commitment supporting this initiative to enrich extra-curricular activities for as many young Islanders as possible.

Charlottetown Junior "A" APM Abbies APM has been the name sponsor for the Charlottetown entry in the Maritime Junior Hockey League since 1998. We are very proud to support the local ownership and local talent that provides exciting sports entertainment in the Maritimes. In 2003, our company assisted the hockey club in hosting the Royal Bank Cup, a tournament crowning a national Junior hockey champion.

The Canadian Unity Council (CUC) is a non-partisan national organization devoted to examining and promoting the Canadian identity, particularly among Canadian Youth. Many young Canadians are familiar with the CUC through such programs as Centre for Research and Information on Canada and the Terry Fox Centre in Ottawa. Tim Banks, President of APM, serves on the CUC Board of Governors.


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